4 Types of Kayaks Explained: Buying Guide for Beginners

If you’re new to the world of paddle sports, you are likely asking yourself a question or two as you consider which kayak would be the best choice for you (https://www.padlespesialisten.no). What type of kayak should I buy? To help you understand the differences, here are some types of kayaks that you should know about.

1. Inflatable Kayaks

The biggest and most popular of the kayaks is the inflatable kayak. Here, you’ll see everything you need in one huge bag that can easily fit in the trunk of your car.

These can be the go-to kayak for those seeking a relatively low-cost way to get around the waters close to home.

2. Sit-in Kayaks

With a simple form factor, they can be easily folded and placed in the boot of the car. You can sit on the front and push yourself away from the shore.

They are inexpensive and maintain a good balance when pushed into the water. Make sure the axle is always inside the hull for balance.

3. Sit-on-Top Kayaks

These are often known as a ‘stand up kayak’, which are ideal for beginners (https://www.padlespesialisten.no/categories/sup). Sit-on-top kayaks are often referred to as ‘outdoor recliners’ because they’re easily propelled by one hand and it’s as easy as sitting on the seat and pushing off from the dock.

Features include a soft seat that cradles your back, a kickstand that extends at the rear of the kayak, and a steering wheel. This helps to stabilize the kayak and makes it easier for beginners to manoeuver.

4. Recreational Kayaks

Recreational kayaks offer a wide variety of options including open and closed cockpit models. The bow is typically the cockpit, and the stern is usually the waste to prevent water from entering the boat.

The kayaks with a more open cockpit have better headroom, are easier to stand up, and move from the water. They also offer a lot more stability. This type of kayak can be expensive.